A day out in London with Metafores Yasatrans

Written by Panos Giantzides on . Posted in Travel Journey

This is a first of a series of posts we are going to be making showing our journeys we make within the UK and how far and wide we travel in order to provide you with the best service by collecting and delivering your items to your door. There are some interesting places to visit within the UK and you might even get inspired to visit one of these locations yourself!

The Capital: London

Seen as though this is the first post in this series we found it appropriate to start with the “first” city, London. We have visited London many many times and have seen many areas of it (One of our warehouses is situated in East London). So we thought we would share some pictures with you so you can see some of London’s famous sites and landmarks.

Big BenBig Ben

What better place to start than the legendary London landmark that is Big BenSituated near Westminister Bridge it is one of the most photographed and iconic landmark to visit and see in London. It is commonly recognised by the loud sound it makes when the clock strikes on the hour. It is the main clock that is pictured in photos for newspapers and on TV during the turn of the New Year and again those loud bell noises it makes signify the passing of the old year to the new one.







Bridge LondonTower Bridge

Another famous landmark where thousands of people walk past daily in order to get from the north to the south side of the Thames and where many tourists have their pictures taken. It is one of 34 bridges that cross the Thames!








We will leave it here for this post. Next time, we will be looking at London part 2: The Financial Sector which is located on the east side and is called Canary Wharf.