Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Transport to Greece, Transport to Cyprus, Metaforiki, Panos Metafores, Yasatrans, Move my stuff to Greece, Move my stuff to Cyprus, Metaforiki gia Ellada, Metakomisi gia Ellada, Metakomisi gia Kypro, Metakomiseis, etc.

How long does it take for delivery?

Trucks leave every Friday and reach our warehouse in Athens the following Thursday. Obviously, we do need 1-3 days for delivery. (Everything cannot be delivered in one day).  For Cyprus it takes usually 2-3 weeks if goods are sent by container, 1 and a half weeks if transported by road.  For the rest of Europe, delivery at the end of the following week.

Do you provide Door-to-Door service?

Yes, we do. Local costs for delivery vary according to destination and volume of goods.

When can you collect?

We cover the whole of the UK every week at certain days, but we could collect at any specific day and time (extra cost may be involved).

How should I pack? Can you transport suitcases, sacks, etc?

Boxes are preferable but suitcases and sacks are also welcome.

Packing is a very important part of your move. The way you prepare your belongings for transport will affect both the speed of your move, and the condition in which they arrive. General rules for packing are really just common sense…See our Packing Tips!

What should be the size and weight of every item?

Medium size boxes are preferable ie 40x40x50 cm and 40x40x60 cm. Please try to make every item reasonable in weight up to 20kg per item. Items that exceed the above size and/or weight will be charged more than standard prices. Smaller or lighter items will be charged less.

What can’t I transport?

All illegal substances, guns, plants, pets. If unsure please call us on 0044 7900 59 49 10.

Do you collect from inside my room/apartment/house?

Yes we can help bring your stuff outside for loading if needed. Delivery to kerbside unless otherwise specified.

Do you provide packing materials?

Packing materials can be provided if booked well in advance.

Is my stuff insured?

All goods are carried under standard CMR conditions. All business is undertaken subject to the British International Freight Association standard trading conditions. We will not be held responsible/liable for any item worth more than £200 without insurance in case of any accidents. If expensive items are to be transported an insurance policy is advisable. (Please talk to us for specific needs).

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