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Metafores by YaSaTrans was established in 2002 by Panos Giantzides.  Panos, who had already been working in the transport industry, established Metafores YaSaTrans to provide an affordable and cost-effective way, initially for students to transport their belongings back to Greece and Cyprus.


Through hard work and determination, Panos has built a brand that is recognizable by the Greek and Cypriot community in the UK.  Our reputation has spread through mostly word of mouth.  YaSaTrans has also over the years provided affordable storage solutions for students who take the summer off and then return to continue their studies and cost-effective removals for students who have graduated and are looking for work within the UK

The business also provides transport services from Greece/Cyprus and most of Europe to the UK.  Due to the recession, this aspect of the business has risen significantly as Greeks/Cypriots are moving to the UK to find work, and Metafores by YaSaTrans provides the best, most trusted service at the most competitive price.

Looking Ahead

The future is looking bright as Metafores by YaSaTrans has a number of expansion plans to grow the company and provide not only a better service, but a global service.

Through a network of well established local operators we are expanding our groupage services to all European countries as well as container loads to anywhere in the world.

We constantly strive to improve our quality of service to be versatile and helpful, to understand the needs of each customer, whereas our prices have remained the same for the past 9 years.

If you would like to use any of our Transport, Storage, Removals services, please contact us to get a quote.

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