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Written by Panos Giantzides on . Posted in Metaforiki

Hello and Welcome

Kalos Orisate to our new site!  We hope you enjoy your time here and find the site to be helpful and interactive towards your transport, storage, removals needs that YaSaTrans provides.

Did you know that since our inception in 2002, we have been the largest and most successful transport company that deals with Greek/Cypriot students.

We are committed to providing the best possible service, with the least possible hassle for our customers and at the most affordable price.  We believe this is the best way forward as it is mutually beneficial.

Did you know that we have not raised our prices for the past 4 years!

We believe in helping our customers in more ways than just transporting their belongings from one destination to another.  We understand that times have been tough during this past recession, household bills and costs in general have risen, but we have still kept the same prices since 2008!

What’s been happening?

Well, we have launched our new site over the bank holiday weekend.  We are very excited about it and will be testing it to see if its usability will be as good as our transport services.  (Do you like/dislike the site? Your opinions would be greatly appreciated as they go a long way towards improving our service online.)

We have been getting prepared for the summer season rush, where a lot of you students will be needing our transport, storage, removals services, so we have been stocking up on packing materials, making some more space in our warehouses, and preparing for the season ahead.

We have also made a new facebook page.  Check it out and give us a “like” 🙂

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