Metafores from Greece to the UK

Metafores to the UK from Greece

Metafores from Greece to the UK is one of the services we provide for our customers.

If you have recently got a job in the UK or a position at a UK university and want to transport your items to the UK from Greece then Metafores YaSaTrans provides that service for you!

Our Process:

  1. Call us on 0870 75 65 975 or 07900 59 49 10 or send us an email using the form provided on the right. You should include details like: your home location in Greece, what date roughly are you looking to move, how many items you have, do you want us to pick your stuff up or can you deliver to our warehouse in Athens and any other questions you may have. (please include your phone number and your email so we can get in contact with you)
  2. Our representative will provide you with an rough quote which is based on certain criteria (your location in Greece, how many items you have, final destination in the UK). If you are happy with it all, we will book you in at a convenient date.
  3. We will either collect your items from your house in Greece, or you can deliver them to our warehouse which will reduce the cost.
  4. We carefully load your items from our warehouse in Greece onto our lorries that make the trip to the UK.
  5. Once the lorry arrives at our warehouse in the UK, your items are carefully unloaded from the lorry and placed on pallets ready to either be collected by you, or to be loaded onto our vans for transport to your final destination in the UK.
  6. We deliver your items at your house in the UK!

This service has been provided by us to our customers for over a decade now, which means we are very good at it. This is on of the reasons why we are used as the first choice by many Greek students and families when it comes to moving to the UK from Greece.

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