Metafores from Cyprus to the UK

Metafores to the UK from Cyprus

One of our services that we provide to our customers is: Metafores from Cyprus to the UK.

If you are a Cypriot student that has got a place at a UK unversity or a Cypriot family that is looking to move to the UK for employment etc, then YaSaTrans provides the service you require!

The process we use:

  1. Use our numbers (0870 75 65 975 or 07900 59 49 10) to contact us. You can also us our contact form to send us an enquiry about your move. The information you should include is: what area of Cyprus do you live at, what date are you looking to move,  how many items are you bringing over and any other questions that you may have.
  2. Using this information we can provide you with an estimated quote for your stuff based on certain criteria (e.g. your address in Cyprus, number of items to be brought over, address to be delivered to in the UK) and once you are happy with everything discussed, we can go ahead and book you in.
  3. We can arrange to collect your items from your house in Cyprus, or you can deliver them to our depot in Limassol.
  4. We then carefully load your items from our depot onto our lorries that are bound for the UK.
  5. Once the lorries have arrived at our warehouse in the UK, we carefully unload your items onto pallets ready for delivery to your house in the UK, or you can pick them up yourself.
  6. Finally, your stuff arrives at your final destination in the UK.

We have been providing this service to our customers for a decade now and we very good at what we do. This is why we are the first choice for many Greek/Cypriot students and families who are looking to relocate to the UK from Cyprus.

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