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Moving to Cyprus from the UK?

Written by Panos Giantzides on . Posted in Metaforiki

Moving from the UK to Cyprus?

transport from the uk to cyprus
There are a wide variety of people that this appeals to or that moving to Cyprus from the UK is the only option for them as they are guests in the UK.

These usually are:

Cypriot Students

This primarily applies to Cypriot students who are spread all over the UK’s universities and are here for the prime reason of completing their studies and then return to their homeland to commence with employment etc (with a quick visit to the coastline for a quick swim for sure).

Cypriot Families

Another group of people that would possibly look at moving back to Cyprus from the UK would be Cypriot families.  These, usually, would be people that have:

  • studied in the UK and then got a job here which meant continuing to live in the UK,
  • Moved to the UK from Cyprus for work purposes,
  • Moved to the UK from Cyprus because of family needs/family already living in the UK.

There would be other groups of people in this list for sure.  There would be various reasons for the move back to Cyprus from the UK, and the main one would probably be employment in Cyprus.

English Families

This group of people would primarily be moving down to Cyprus for employment purposes (and usually coupled with the idea of nice sunny weather would be very enticing).  A “branch-out” group would be that of mixed families, meaning that one adult would be English and the other Cypriot.  Family bonds as well as employment would be the main reasons.

English Retirees

This group of people are usually older in age, have spent most of their life working in the UK and have been on holidays to Cyprus.  Falling in love with the Cypriot weather, culture and way of life is pretty easy, so the decision would have been made to buy a retirement home out there and spend their time by the sunny beaches and in tavernas.

Transport Facilities

Metafores by YaSaTrans provides transport facilities to Cyprus to service the demand for people moving back to Cyprus from the UK.  Our process is very simple.

collect -> load -> transport -> collect/deliver

We provide packing materials if a large removal is being done (e.g. furniture and general items from the house) and also help with the packing of large and fragile items (e.g. TV’s, couches).  We collect all the items you wish to transport from your home.  We then take them to our warehouses in the UK.  We then carefully load them onto the HGV’s that are Cyprus-bound.  Our HGV’s then make the 2000+ mile journey to Cyprus’s port in Limassol.  Your items are then available for collection from the port, or ready for delivery to your house in Cyprus.

If you are moving to Cyprus from the UK and are looking for a reliable transport company to move your stuff down there, contact us using the form to the top right, or call us on +44 (0)870 75 65 975 or on +44 (0)7900 59 49 10.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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