Packing Tips for Transporting your Stuff

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Packing your stuff correctly for safe transport.

packing tips for transportIn this post, we would like to talk about packing tips and tricks that will help you (and help us), not only in safely and successfully transporting your stuff to Greece, Cyprus, Europe, but will also help you financially as they will lower the cost of the transport service.

  • Make sure your boxes/suitcases/sacks etc are of a regular size – By “regular” we mean between 80-90 litres in space capacity. An example would be a box of 40 x 40 x 50 cm. Charges depend on the size of your boxes. If they are bigger they will be charged more and if they are smaller they will be charged less.
  • Make sure your boxes/suitcases/sacks etc are of a manageable weight! – By “manageable” we mean around 20 kilos (airport weight). This is really important as the items will get man-handled by our staff several times. If they are heavy, because of all the items we have to handle, they will be making our life that bit harder. Because of this, we charge a penalty to all items that are deemed “overweight”. For example we would prefer 2 small/medium boxes weighing 15 kilos each, than 1 large box weighing 30 kilos. The 2 boxes in this case would work out cheaper than the 1 large heavy box.
  • Make sure your name and place of destination is clearly written on your items for transport – We transport and deliver thousands of items every year so it is not possible to remember which items belong to which customer. We kindly ask all our customers to include their details on their items so that mistakes can be avoided. Check out our labels page for printing labels to place on your items.

To summarise: “Decent sized and weighted items with labels on them.”  These are the basic tips in regards to having a safe and cheaper transport service from us.  If you found this information useful, why not share it with your friends using the social buttons to the left.

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